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All Soroptimists should consider becoming shareholders in Number 63 as you will be entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting and you also qualify to stand for nomination to the Board of Directors. To become a shareholder:

  • Applicants must be a member of a Soroptimist Club in any of the four Federations.
  • The minimum number of £5 shares which can be purchased is 10
  • If you hold more than 20 shares you will be entitled to a discount of 5% on your accommodation when you stay at "63"

Please contact us directly for more information.

500 Club

The 500 Club was launched in 1994-95, exclusively for Soroptimists, by Anne Hudson who was at that time Chairman of the then Management Committee now known as the Board of Directors.

The aim was to provide a fund which was immediately accessible to Number 63 for the replacement or maintenance of essential items. To date approximately £40,000 has been raised for 63.

45% of members' subscriptions are returned as prize money at the monthly draws, 50% is for the benefit of 63 and 5% for administration.

Membership subscription is £12 per annum if paying by cheque or £13 per annum if paying by standing order. Members may purchase as many numbers as they wish at any time of the year.

Please contact us directly for more information.

2000 Club

The 2000 Club was launched in 2000 by members of Soroptimist International of Plymouth & District whose aim was to raise monies for the up-grading and refurbishment of Number 63.

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To-date members of the 2000 Club have contributed £114,000 towards improvements and projects carried out at Number 63.

50% of members' subscriptions are returned in prize money at the monthly draws. Bumper prize draws take place in June and December with one prize of £1,000, two prizes of £500 each and two prizes of £250 each for each of those two months. The other monthly prizes are two at £100 each, two at £50 each and two at £25 each for each of the ten months.

Membership subscription is as follows:

  • £13 per three months
  • £26 per six months
  • £52 per annum

Payment may be made by either bank standing order or cheque.

If you wish to apply to join, please contact us directly for more information.


Support Number 63

January 5th 1946 was a decisive date in the history of Soroptimist International of Great Britain and Ireland. At the November 1946 Conference this recommendation was endorsed and a Premises Committee was tasked with securing premises which could provide... Read More

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